Tips & Tricks to Beat Holiday Weight Gain

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Did you know the average American gains 6 pounds between Halloween and New Year's Eve? And many of us don't manage to take it off before the next season rolls around. If you are determined not to be one of those folks, consider the following tips and tricks to stay slim in the new year.

  • Avoid fat-free products – When manufacturers take out fat, they usually add sugar. As a result, foods like reduced fat peanut butter can have just as many calories as regular versions.
  • Smaller pieces=Bigger flavor – Slicing and dicing distributes rich ingredients (nuts, cheese) so you don’t need as much of them. The mix of tasty bits also means each forkful delivers many flavors, making each bite more satisfying.
  • Trick Your Tastebuds – For the ultimate flavor boost, up the umami, that savory taste in foods like aged cheeses, cured meats, mushrooms and Worcestershire sauce. It will keep you satisfied and help curb overeating.
  • Fill Your Cabinet with Color – Use a plate that contrasts with your food (e.g.: a red plate for white pasta). You’ll serve yourself up to 22% less!
  • Check Your Glasses – Want to keep your liquid calories in check? Buy tall, slim glasses. Adults pour almost 20% more juice into wide, short ones even though the two glasses hold the same amount.
  • Jettison the Junk – People who keep junk food on the counter weigh, on average, 20 lbs. more than those who don’t. And those who keep fruit out in the open weigh 7.5 lbs. less!


Go Ahead, Cheat a Little!

  • Sweet Treat – Cut calories and sugar by passing on the packet of hot chocolate and mixing your own. 2 Tbsp. dark unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 cup skim milk and 2 tsp. sugar.
  • I Scream – Half a cup of strawberry ice cream in a plain cake cone runs 120 calories and 5 grams of fat (plus 50 calories for the cone) as long as you stick to standard brands like Breyers.
  • Center-cut Bacon – Choosing center-cut dials down the calories, fat and salt from this breakfast staple. One piece has about 25 calories, 2 g. fat and 120 mg sodium.
  • Cookie Monster – Classics like Chips Ahoy and Oreo only cost you about 45-65 calories and 2 g fat each. Pair with a glass of skim milk and you get a shot of calcium too!