Packing the Perfect Picnic





Memorial Day is this weekend and if you're like most folks, you're planning a party with friends and family. Why not make it a traditional picnic? Here are some things to keep in mind to make your picnic a success:

  • Pre-chill your cooler items
  • Cover them with ice – ice packs are great because they don’t get your food all wet
  • Pack items in the order that you plan to use them. That way you don’t have to reach around in the cooler to find them and everything stays colder.
  • A cooler's no different from you; on a hot day, it stays cooler in the shade.
  • Keep heat out by closing the ice chest when it's not in use.
  • To keep items warm, heat a brick in the oven, wrap with a dishtowel, and place in the bottom of your cooler. The heat will last most of the day.
  • Remember to bring eating essentials. Pack all of your dining essentials such as forks, napkins, plates, spoons and cups. Include specific items such as a wine bottle opener, cork stopper or large knife to cut a cake or pie. Add a trash bag to house your disposables as well as a blanket if you'll be lying on the ground. Stock your bag with hand wipes and hand sanitizer. Use a citronella candle on a hard surface and bug spray to ward off creepy critters.

For great recipe ideas for you picnic, be sure to check out our Seasonal Recipes page!

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