No Thyme to Cook Launches New Series: The Tasting Club!

How often do we really stop and taste our food? Is one chocolate truly better than another? Can you detect the difference between various olive oils and salts? How about apples or different types of cheeses? Turns out small twists in taste and quality can make a big difference in your overall dish as a cook. Join us as we begin a new series of classes this year – The Tasting Club. Each month we’ll dive deeply into one particular food learning how to savor and serve it. And at just $25/class, they’re a steal – for the novice or the experienced cook. Tasting Club classes are held on Friday evenings from 6:30-8 p.m.

Chocolate barJanuary 29: Chocolate

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ll explore the velvety decadence of six different types of chocolate from the deepest dark to milk and white.



CheeseMarch 18: Cheese

Camembert, Maytag blue and gouda - cheeses come in all shapes, sizes and smells! Let us walk you through a proper tasting from soft to hard and everything in between.



Olive OilApril 8: Olive Oil

Much like fine wine, olive oil derives so much of its inherent flavor from the soil or terrior in which the olives are grown. From light and fruity to musky and peppery, we’ll explore the murky world of olive oils.


teaMay 6: Tea

White, black and green – tea is an exotic blend. In this special tasting, we’ll explore some of your old favorites and plenty you might never have heard of before.



applesSeptember 23: Apples

From gala to honey crisp, there is an apple for every dish – but which one works best?? Join us for this very special seasonal tasting and never have to guess which apple to use again.



saltOctober 21: Salt

Himalayan sea salt, fleur de sel, sel gris, kosher – it’s all just salt right?!?! Not exactly. We’ll walk you through the flavor profiles of each and how best to use them in your next meal.



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