Making the Most of Your Freezer

Frozen The bumper crops of summer are almost here - the time when fruits and veggies abound in the garden. And to be sure you have plenty of good eats for later in the year, you're going to want to make room in the freezer. Here are some quick tips to fill that freezer.

Not Everything Freezes Well

Soups, stews and saucy dishes freeze really well. But cooked pasta and rice - not so much. They lose their texture. 

Use Sturdy Bags

Don't cheap out when buying freezer bags. You want them to be good and thick to prevent freezer burn on your food. And to make the best use of your freezer space, freeze the bags of food flat. Once they are frozen, you can stand them upright if you like.

Label Well

We all think we'll remember what we put in that baggie 6 months ago but trust me, after it gets a good coat of ice on it and crystallizes over, you'll be left scratching your head wondering what in the heck is really in there. So always be sure to write on the outside of the freezer bag what it is, any amounts (2 chicken breasts) and the date.