Hearing Voices







It starts as a small voice that whispers so faintly, you almost miss it. And then, there you are minding your own business when you hear it again – but this time, it’s a little bit louder. You recognize that voice, but you push it aside – telling yourself, it’s too hard the thing it’s asking me to do. I couldn’t do that. What would I write about? Why would anyone want to buy my book? What original idea do I have to offer? And what if it’s a flop? So for years, you ignore the voice; you let the fear win. That is until one day a friend reminds you of your long ago discarded dream, the idea that you’ve been struggling to come up with finds you, and you realize that if not now, when exactly?

That was probably way more than you ever needed to know about me. But I shared all that to tell you that I’m finally going to write a book. It’s a dream I’ve had for most of my life, and I’ve finally decided to take the plunge. So don’t be surprised to read about my frustrations and triumphs throughout this process. Spoiler alert – it’s going to be about food! Basically I think it’s going to be a print version of one of my cooking classes with the overall theme of 7 Simple Steps to Becoming a Better Cook. Each tip will also include step by step techniques with photos to really walk you through the recipes. And I’ll offer special insights on how to read between the lines of the recipe so there’s no guesswork on your part. The end result should be a cookbook that provides not just a wealth of new, fabulous tasting, and at times, healthy recipes for how your family actually eats; but my sincere hope is that you’ll also come away a far better cook in the process.

So join me on my journey as I begin writing. I’d love to hear your voices – loud and clear – your feedback, suggestions, and comments – all of it. After all, I’m writing it for you as much as for me. Wish me luck!

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